The Fonz's leather jacket is up for auction

Henry Winkler who famously played Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli on Happy Days is auctioning off one of his iconic leather jackets as worn on the show. Part of a lot including two white t-shirts, denim jeans, a pair of screen-worn boots, and an assortment of photos and posters, Bonham's expects the full outfit to hit $50,000 to $70,000. Don't worry though, Winkler has another of the leather jackets at home. Some of the proceeds will go to a charity established by Winkler's daughter Zoe that supports children separated from their parents at US borders. Ayyyyyyyyy.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Winkler says he only knows of five others: the one in the Smithsonian; one that was "stolen from the costume department at Paramount — it was the very first one I ever wore," he says; one that was destroyed after "we ripped out the lining in order to do the water-skiing when we jumped the shark [on Happy Days]," and two that were in the possession of series creator Garry Marshall.

Winkler tells THR he did not try on the Happy Days jacket that he's selling before parting ways with it: "I would have wept."

(Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)

image: Bonham's