A gentleman sues his parents because they cut off his allowance

A 41-year-old gentleman sued his parents because they stopped giving him an allowance. And he lost.

Faiz Siddiqui, an unemployed lawyer who graduated from Oxford University, was used to a lavish lifestyle in London, living rent-free in a $1.4 million apartment — all supplied to him by his wealthy parents. So when they decided it was time to cut off their boy financially, he felt cheated.

From Newsweek:

Siddiqui, who graduated from Oxford University, last worked in 2011 having previously practiced law at prestigious firms Burgess Salmon and Field Fisher Waterhouse and worked as a tax adviser at major accountancy firm EY, reported The Times.

While unemployed, he claimed he has become entirely dependent on handouts from his parents Rakshanda, 69, and Javed Siddiqui, 71, who live in Dubai.

This is the same chap who tried to sue Oxford University in 2018 for "inadequate teaching," according to the BBC. But the case was "dismissed."

Sometimes, life just isn't fair.