How television saved my family's relationship with our dog

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We love Pongo. He is one of the most important members of our family, and his love and devotion never waver. Just like his energy. And I hate to say it, but we almost gave him up when he was a puppy.

The Challenges of a New Puppy 

He was beautiful from the day we took him home — a mixed-breed delight with golden retriever, black Lab, and chocolate Lab. Though a sight for sore eyes, especially with that dang head tilt, Pongo was also radically energetic. In the midst of our days, his sprints around the house, barking, jumping, and relentless chewing of furniture, shoes, and any food he could possibly reach began to take a toll on my family. 

For me, I was just starting a new job and the demands of the office were very intense. I worked long days to come home to a house in chaos. Our three boys were constantly fighting and crying because Pongo had stolen a cookie, chewed a toy, or barked incessantly over a beloved cartoon. My wife was equally tired, as she spent the day building her own company while helping me shuffle the kids around to school and activities. Exhausted and sad, one night my wife and I decided that we'd have to give Pongo up to another family.

When we tried to tell the kids, they absolutely lost it. We already felt guilty, so we relented and said we'd think about it. We racked our brains. We researched solutions to having an overactive puppy, we bought books, and nothing seemed to work. Then, over drinks one night we were complaining to some friends and they recommended something neither of us had ever heard of: DOGTV.

A Worthy Solution 

This is going to sound like a bit much, but the subscription instantly turned our worries about Pongo right around. Comprised of A/V technology designed for dogs with sights and sounds scientifically curated to make their environment more enriching and captivating — DOGTV makes up for the energy we parents are losing at the end of the day and the energy we simply cannot give while outside of the house. 

One of the toughest issues for us in our earlier days with Pongo was that every time we left him alone, he would get into all sorts of trouble. We'd find cans of garbage dragged across the house; we found food cabinets impressively high off the ground opened and raided; and sometimes we'd even find he left us a very special mess despite having gone through the house training steps experts recommend. DOGTV made all of these annoyances non-issues.

From playing it while we were home to leaving it on for him when we left, the special programming on DOGTV began keeping Pongo occupied in ways that were fun and engaging yet still kept him calm enough to not destroy the house.

How It Works 

DOGTV runs around the clock, 24/7 streaming programs that were expertly developed to provide the right company and entertainment for dogs when they're left alone. It was crafted through years of research done by a collection of the world's most well-regarded pet experts. Showcasing things like other dogs, outdoor activities, flying balls, these awesome programs drove Pongo nuts — in a hilarious and entertaining way. 

When we turned on DOGTV (you can watch it on a variety of streaming platforms and devices, including Apple TV, Fire TV, and Xbox One), he'd run to the base of the TV and start spinning around and around in circles. He'd follow along for some adventurous programs, and then the well-curated DOGTV app would ease into more low-key videos of doggies cuddling and calm environments, and this had a brilliant influence on Pongo who would calm down alongside the program. 

In addition to curating a series of programs that have an emotional and temperamental impact on dogs, DOGTV also takes specific steps to make watching more immersive. It uses altered colors that work better with your dog's unique color vision, special sounds that are proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and more.

Recommended by veterinarians and pet organizations as a tool that's especially beneficial for canine development and house training, DOGTV was the only thing presented to us during our trying period with Pongo that actually made a difference. It also gave us loads of laughs to see how excited he got every time we put it on. 

The Benefits of Patience 

In the months since downloading DOGTV, we've seen Pongo's behavior calm as he's aged into a well-mannered dog. He is also the sweetest thing alive. Our children are filled with joy every day when he meets them at the front door with slobbery kisses and affection. He joins my wife and me every morning for a jog around the neighborhood, and he cuddles up on the couch with us when we watch movies at night. 

Pongo has become such an essential family member so fast, and we all love him so much. The early days of raising a puppy are hard, especially if that puppy seems to have come loaded with extra energy. It would have been too much for my family had we not lucked into DOGTV. 

If you're wondering whether or not you can put up with your dog's energy or leave them home alone, be sure to consider all other options before cutting yourself off from a life-changing experience.

For such a magnificent and effective tool, it's also amazing how affordable DOGTV is. I'll give you a hint: It's a lot less tough on the wallet than a dog training academy, a dog sitter, or replacing all of the things Pongo ate. It's an especially well-priced offering at the moment. Take a shot at DOGTV by grabbing a lifetime subscription on sale for $199.99 (reg. $424). 

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