Florida man caught on camera cutting satellite cables and knocking eight TV stations off the air

This week in Panama City Beach, Florida, a mysterious man was caught on surveillance video slicing satellite cables at the WJHG TV network headquarters, knocking eight stations off the air, including at least two for a couple of days. Crews worked overnight to repair the broadcasting equipment. Police are still seeking the man, reported "as a white male, dressed in a dark jacket and camouflaged pants." From WJHG:

[On Sunday night,] WJHG employee noticed signals were out and went outside to check. The employee then found a man he didn't recognize near one of WJHG's satellite dishes. The man told our employee he was with Tyndall Air Force Base and was told to cut wires due to a power issue, saying he was tasked because he lived nearby and was with the Navy. The suspect then fled on foot, last seen heading towards Front Beach Road.

"This person knew what he was doing and knew how to disable and make it very difficult to repair the satellite dishes," said Ulysses Carlini, WJHG-TV's General Manager. "This is not just a random act of vandalism. The individual was methodical in disabling and strategically cutting cable that linked all of our satellite dishes to our facility."