Fun web app for doodling inspired by its creator's elementary school doodling "rules"

Boing Boing contributor and esteemed author Clive Thompson created a delightful Web app for doodling. The design of the "Right-Angle Doodling Machine" was inspired by a curious set of rules that Clive followed when doodling in elementary school. Try it below!

From the project description:

I'd draw a pattern that was governed by five rules, rather like the ones governing an Etch-A-Sketch. They were:

1. You draw one single line. It can be as long as you like.

2. To start the line, you put your pen down.

3. You can make right-angle turns only, either 90 degrees or -90 degrees.

4. You cannot back up. You must always move forward.

5. You don't lift your pen until you're ready to stop. When you lift the pen, the doodle is done.

I was — as you may gather from this ruleset — something of a nerd.