How much is The Simpsons house worth in today's market? A real estate group says $449,900

Interested in that house on 742 Evergreen Terrace? Garretts Real Estate appraised The Simpson's beloved home and put a price tag of $449,000 on it.

The company told Newsweek: "Determining the exact cost of the Simpson home is a bit tricky, but after looking at the numbers and some of the notable features, the home sits somewhere in the ballpark of $449,900. To determine the estimated value of The Simpsons home we did a little research and looked at some of the recent SOLDS in Springfield, Oregon. We found a handful of comps that would be a good match and used the same approach when determining how much a home is worth."

From the mock listing:

Beautiful two-story home with basement. Through the arched, front door you are welcomed into the foyer. To the left is a cozy sitting room with a bay window, and to the right, is the dining room that also features a nice bay window. Towards the back of the home, is the living room and kitchen. The second story features four bedrooms! A master bedroom that offers a nice ensuite bathroom. There is also an additional bathroom upstairs. The backyard is surrounded by a wooden picket fence and a low box hedge. Also: patio and a custom treehouse!

Infographic of The Simpsons' house price.