Taika Waititi to adapt The Incal for the screen

The Incal is a legendary series of graphic novels by Alejandro Jodorowsky and artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud, an epic space opera of "intergalactic voyages, science, technology, political intrigues, conspiracies, messianism, mysticism, poetry, debauchery, love stories, and satire" which emerged from the original concepts, designs and themes Jodo collected during his halted effort to film Dune in the 1970s. What better time for Taika Waititi to announce a motion picture of The Incal than while Dune itself is the fall's biggest blockbuster? If you thought that book was unfilmable….

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Waititi will both direct and co-write the script for the movie, alongside What We Do in the Shadows and Flight of the Conchords collaborator Jemaine Clement and Peter Warren, with a first draft due by the end of the year. The Incal's publisher, Humanoids, purportedly hopes that having Waititi, Clement, and Warren's first draft before pitching the film for distribution will help smooth the process, as currently no film studio or streaming platform is attached to the project. "The films and graphic novels of Alejandro Jodorowsky have influenced me and so many others for so long," Waititi said in a statement provided to THR. "I was stunned to be given the opportunity to bring his iconic characters to life and I am grateful to Alejandro, Fabrice and everyone at Humanoids for trusting me to do so."

Jodo: "He's not going to make Jodorowsky's The Incal. he's going to make Waititi's The Incal"