"Toaster Head" by Bryan Ady and the 88s (1985) is a song about a man who grows a toaster on his head

In 1985, Bryan Ady and the 88s released the song "Toaster Head" which tells the story of a man who builds a nuclear toaster. He is faced with quite the dilemma when his head becomes fuaws with the little science experiment. After undergoing this mutation, he can't remove the toaster from his noggin. At least Toaster Head isn't completely out of luck — at the end of the video he can be seen working in the kitchen of a restaurant, helping to make toast for people.

From the YouTube description: 

Portland, Oregon's Bryan Ady & the 88s (formerly known as the Pulse Czars) once landed their video for "Toaster Head" on TV. It features a man growing a toaster out of his head. What did you expect it to feature? I don't see anything about the band or this song online, but here 'tis, in case anyone out there can provide more info —

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