An air-tight, wide-mouth pet food container

The Vittles Vault is a perfect container for my dog's food.

Large bags of dog food have come with 'resealable' zip-lock style closures for a while, but I find they wear out unreasonably quickly. I don't want my dog to be eating stale, or in the case of these 20-30lb bags of food, rancid chow so I found a container I could feel good about.

The wide opening on the Vault lets me pour in bags of dog food without much issue, also it allows for me to easily clean and dry the interior between bags of food. The screw-on top seals the stuff in, and I feel better about things.

Also, this plastic cube sits pretty neatly on top of a similar box I store flour in for baking. Convenience is king.

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Container via Amazon