Watch: Karen and Gentleman attack a shop owner over masks, tell the cops, then get arrested

Anti-mask duo, Ricki Collin, 34, and Amy Hall, 45, walked into a Eugene, Oregon bakery with the sole purpose of picking a fight over masks. They aggressively argue with the shop owner, who insists they need to cover up, as per local law, before entering. As tempers flare, shop owner eventually grabs a bat and tells them to back off — which they don't. But they do grab the bat from the owner.

The angry gentleman is recording the altercation for his YouTube channel while Karen begins to physically attack the shop owner.

The couple, obviously Q-infused, is so out of touch with reality they actually flagged down police and showed them their video, thinking they were in the right. But much to the gent's surprise, he and his partner are arrested for "third-degree assault," and the man got an extra charge of "third-degree robbery for reportedly walking away with the bat," according to A satisfying ending indeed.