Get a better night's sleep with these Pre-Black Friday deals on sleep products

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Are you getting enough sleep? According to the CDC, one in three of us aren't getting enough shuteye. Not only can a lack of sleep affect our work performance and our looks, but it can also affect our health. Sleep is a Holy Grail when it comes to fixing a multitude of sins and, ultimately, the secret to waking up feeling good every single day. 

Thankfully, it's quite easy to improve the quality of your sleep, starting with the products you use. From cooling mattress technology to cloud-like sheets, not only will upgrading to these items seriously improve your sleep, but right now you can grab some incredible savings on all of them in the Pre-Black Friday sale when you enter the code SAVE15NOV at checkout. 

Here are 15 of the best deals that will have you resting easy… 

Yaasa ONE Mattress – $466.65 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $899

If you can't sleep because you get too hot during the night, this mattress will change your life. The perfect blend of breathability and softness, this Queen-sized mattress is made from special cooling infinity foam to provide breathable support to your body like never before. 

Bamboo Comfort 6-Piece Luxury Silver Sheet Set (Queen) – $33.14 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $119

Is there anything better than fresh, new sheets? These luxury ones are made from ultra-soft eco-friendly bamboo fiber, which as well as feeling cozy, also makes them hypoallergenic and wrinkle-free. 

Yaasa Grey Microfiber Sheet Set – $33.99 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $44

No matter how stressful your day has been, these silky smooth sheets will help you drift off to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. For extra coziness, the brushed weave of these sheets will make you never want to get up. 

Manta Sleep Mask v2 & Blackout Stickers – $37.40 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $44

This premium sleep mask is specifically designed to achieve REM sleep. Fully customizable to fit you comfortably and made to create 100% darkness, use this to block out lights from electronics, to block out distracting roommates, or for a great sleep while traveling. 

Refresh Memory Foam Pillow – $67.15 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $109

This soft memory foam pillow provides both pressure relief and unmatched cushioning support to your head and neck. Plus, it's infused with green tea essential oil to relax your body and make for truly indulgent relaxation. 

GhostBed Luxe 13" Cooling Mattress – $1,161.94 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $2,245

The only mattress to boast a 2-stage core and surface cooling technology, this mattress will keep you cool for the entire night. Its special Ghost Ice fabric is instantly cool to the touch, while luxury gel memory foam creates the unique "GhostHug" feel. 

GhostBed® 11" Memory Foam Cooling Mattress – $655.34 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $1,295

This model of best-in-class GhostMattress features gel memory foam which conforms to your body and aligns your spine and aerated latex foam which pulls heat away from your body, keeping you cool all night long. 

Sleepletics Celliant Performance 4-Pc Sheet Set (Light Grey) – $84.99 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $149

If you want to upgrade your overall wellness, you need these CNN and Forbes-approved sheets. Combining premium soft sheets with infrared technology and officially an FDA-Determined Wellness Product, these sheets are proven to regulate body temperature, promote blood flow, and more. 

Carbon SnoreX 8-in-1 Cooling Pillow – $39.09 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $99 

Say hello (or, goodnight) to the world's 8-in-1 scientifically designed pillow. Carbon Bamboo AirTech memory foam, graphene, and copper protect against allergens and bacteria, and innovative built-in dual armrests make for the most comfortable sleeping position, ever. 

Pure Bamboo Bully Modern 6-Piece Set – $132.59 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $250

Once you discover bamboo fiber sheets you'll never go back. Naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and extremely comfortable, you'll wonder how you ever slept without them.

Cheer Collection 230TC Luxurious Down Alternative Mattress Topper (Queen) – $59.49 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $139

If you want a luxury night's sleep, you may not need a whole new mattress, but simply a sumptuous mattress topper to achieve that sleeping-on-a-cloud feeling. This one is extra thick, fluffy, and is even overfilled for maximum plumpness.

VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece – $55.21 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $99

Nothing can harm your sleep quite like snoring, be it your own, or from someone else. While everyone who knows the torture of being kept awake by a snorer will attest to the temptation to pay any amount to make it stop, this medical-grade, FDA-cleared solution is surprisingly affordable. 

2021 Mattress Cooler Classic: Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System – $135.96 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $199 

If your sleep gets interrupted by hot temperatures or night sweats, look no further. Feel the benefits of cold therapy from day one with this mattress cooling system, which circulates chilled water through a vinyl mattress cooling pad using minimal electricity. 

Eli & Elm Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow with Cover – $90.09 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $134

Sleep on your side? Then you need this. Engineered specifically for side sleepers, this ergonomic pillow has a special U-shaped design to alleviate neck pain and promote spinal alignment. 

Hupnos Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask – $80.74 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $199

Now, this Forbes-featured accessory is a game-changing piece of sleeping tech. This high-tech sleep mask works with an app to detect and record snoring, giving you a gentle buzz that encourages you to naturally change position during sleep, stopping the snoring. Plus, it helps to open your airways to breathe easier and stop snoring for good. 

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