Youtube millionaire MrBeast plans to recreate Squid Game

23-year-old Youtuber Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, has built a massive Youtube following (73.6 million subscribers and counting) by performing very, very expensive pranks. He's now the eleventh most-subscribed Youtuber, and some of his buzzy projects include a "Finger on the App" competition and a virtual restaurant called MrBeast Burger. As he has gained popularity in the past five years, he has been criticized for using homophobic slurs and creating a toxic work environment.

On social media, Donaldson has revealed a peek at his next project: recreating Squid Game. After one of his TikTok videos reached 10 million likes, he promised to recreate the show (which involves indebted people playing a deadline game to with a cash prize) "without the deadly consequences."

MrBeast has been credited with pioneering the Youtube genre centered around pricey stunts, so if anyone were to recreate the came, it makes sense that it would be him. On social media, he shared the progress of the Squid Game replica sets, which are absolutely massive.

Squid Game centered around themes of economic disparity and it painted a remarkably bleak picture of late-stage capitalism. Bringing the viral death game to life doesn't seem to align with the show's message, but hey, if a rich Youtuber is paying off debt, I can see why hundreds of people would sign up for the challenge.