The Panicky Picnic is a brilliant silent film from from 1909

The Panicky Picnic  (Une excursion incohérente) is an early French silent film from 1909, directed by Camille de Morlhon with assistance from Segundo de Chomon. The film is about a couple of city folks who venture into the great outdoors to have a picnic. To their surprise, everything that could possibly go wrong does. Their food is invested with bugs and rodents, which causes one of them to suffer a series of feverish dreams. 

There are so many fantastic images within the dream scene that I love so much, I would frame them on my wall. The dream sequence is made using stop motion, and totally blew me away with how surreal it was. The special effects in this film were advanced for the era, such as a dragon who spits fire onto a pot, that then turns into a devilish clay head.