Republican lawmaker misses his own anti-vaccine rally after catching Covid-19

Anti-science pastor and lawmaker Jeff Hoverson (R–ND) organized an anti-vaccine rally, set for today. The Q-injected gentleman then caught Covid-19 and was forced to miss his own rally.

Although yesterday Hoverson posted about his case of Covid on Facebook, saying "Quarantining and each day is getting better," today the ailing state representative changed his tune. "I'm feeling rough," he said.

"But this ivermectin is keeping me out of the hospital," he added, perhaps unaware that the vaccine would also keep him out of the hospital, as well as allow him to keep his de-worming medication in the barn, where it belongs.

From KSTP:

The North Dakota Legislature returned to Bismarck Monday for a special five-day session, during which a bill to prevent vaccine mandates will almost certainly gain approval. House Majority Leader Chet Pollert said Hoverson could participate remotely.

North Dakota's Republican leadership and GOP Gov. Doug Burgum have said they oppose such mandates and the state has joined a federal lawsuit challenging President Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccine rules.

Although Hoverson will not attend the rally at North Dakota's statehouse, he said three of his teenage children will be there.

Hoverson is among the most far-right legislators in the GOP-controlled Legislature. He introduced legislation last session to repeal mask mandates and he sponsored failed legislation that would have made it a felony to help women access abortions.

This is the same good lawmaker who called the police from the Minot International Airport last month after he triggered a security alarm during the TSA screening. The TSA officials had tried to pat him down, but he was having none of it. The airline then banned him and his wife from boarding their flight, thereby messing up their anniversary getaway. [Insert sad Fred Flintstone music here.]