Target stubborn ear wax with 15% off Pre-Black Friday savings on this ear cleaner

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Can you hear the universe as it tries to guide you through life's ups and downs? Probably not, because there may be too much wax in your ears. You might think your trusted cotton swabs pull wax out. Despite popular belief, cotton swabs don't actually clean your ears. They actually push the wax deeper into the ear's canal. Yikes!

Instead of looking at the ends of cotton swabs for proof, utilize the latest in-ear cleaning technology to remove soft and tough ear wax from hard-to-reach areas. Spade Mini uses a 3MPX camera to wirelessly stream a full view of the world inside of your ear. Use your iPhone or Android device over Wi-Fi to get a comprehensive view of what's in your ears: wax, cotton residue, or even a bug!

For those who are eco-conscious, reusing the same cotton swab might seem smart, but it's actually incredibly harmful. Cotton swabs may start out soft but they can easily unspool, exposing sharp plastic edges that can cut the inside of your ear. Spade Mini's soft tip ensures smooth wax extraction. Stubborn buildup? The Spade comes with EarPicks, which is expertly designed to scoop out tough earwax gently. Unlike your lame cotton swab, Spade gives you the power to choose from 4 different shapes to fit your ear. The 3-in-1 charger, dock, and storage base give the device up to 60 days of use in one full charge. 

For some, ear wax buildup may be mild. For others, ear wax buildup can affect hearing. Like your headphones, your ears can collect too much ear wax. Spade Mini is made of aluminum and silica, has a magnetic cap, and utilizes 6 LEDs to brighten the way through the waxiest ears. The one-year manufacturer's warranty is perfect for anyone who is skeptical about the device's durability. 

Right now, you can get $28 off the Spade Mini. Just use Pre-Black Friday discount code SAVE15NOV during checkout for an additional 15% off the sale price.