Watch: Clip from Travis Scott's 2019 documentary shows security being warned of crowd surging

The surging crowd that killed at least eight people and injured many others at the Travis Scott concert in Houston on Friday was tragic. But it came as no surprise. In the video clip below, from the 2019 Travis Scott documentary Look Mom, I Can Fly, a show manager warns security about the dangers of crowd surging.

"Kids push up against the front and spread all the way across and fill in the whole front floor. So the pressure becomes very great up against the barricade," he says.

"You will see a lot of crowd surfers in general, but also you see a lot of kids that are just trying to get out to get to safety because they can't breathe, because it's so compact. You won't know how bad it can be with our crowd until we turn on."

And in case security forgot about this pep talk, or was somehow not aware of the potential dangers, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner also paid a visit to Travis Scott the day of Friday's concert. From Daily Beast:

Troy Finner, went to Scott's trailer to relay concerns about crowd control that evening. Finner, who knows Scott personally, reportedly worried over the excitability of the fans attending the concert, given Scott's reputation for inciting his fans to "rage."