A hilarious Amazon review shows a woman sliding down a mountain

I always appreciate the people who leave helpful online reviews, but some go above and beyond. Such is the case with Cory H., an Amazon user whose review for a pair of leggings on Amazon has charmed the internet. Sliding down a mountain (and getting stuck on rocks and trees!) sounds like an unpleasant hiking experience but an excellent field test for activewear.

The review is over a year old, and while it's been noticed on social media before, this recent attention may have come from this viral post from a Twitter account called "Women Posting W's."

After digging into the story a bit, I'm delighted to see that Cory H has left a slew of other reviews, and while some are short and to-the-point, others are nearly as effusive as the viral leggings post. This review for a magnifying lens is so hilarious and animated that I'm convinced Cory H could convince me to buy anything.

Now that the leggings are somewhat famous for their mountainside durability, Amazon reviewers such as Kimberly R. Kelly are seemingly sliding down mountains à la Cory H to demonstrate the product's quality. Perhaps I'll have to try them out.