Did you know that you are being watched in movie theaters?

If you think lights out at the movies means the coast is clear, think again. At least some movie theaters are on the lookout with cameras and vision night goggles.

TikToker @.no1headache, who appears to be working at a movie theater in the video below, shows us what we show them when sitting and staring (or not) at the big screen: a panel of live CCTV images from multiple screening rooms capture just about every member in each audience doing their thing — whatever that may be.

And as if that isn't enough, she said theater employees also wear night vision goggles, according to Daily Dot. So nothing anyone does in that big dark room is left to the imagination.

And what, exactly, are movie theaters paranoid about?

According to safenow.org, the top four reasons theater managers look at their monitors are to see if people are: 1) pirating the movie; 2) sneaking food and beverages into the theater; 3) making out (even kissing is not permissible in some theaters!); and 4) committing a crime such as theft or worse.

Whether or not cameras are set up in every US movie theater isn't clear, but safenow.org says AMC and Regal are two theater chains that do have them, for better or worse.