Eighth grade history instructor "taught" students that Trump is still president and anti-vaxx lies

"I'm never getting vaccinated. I'm never getting any more shots of any kind. Did you know Trump's still president?" That's what Sarah Silikula of Ventura, California says her 8th grade son told her one day after class at Anacapa Middle School. I assume his eyes were rolling deep into his head because he also provided his mom with a 17 minute phone video of his teacher delivering a rant of utter lies and misinformation. From SFGate:

"If you have a baby in the hospital, they don't want to give it back if you're not vaccinated. This is a complete power control threat," the teacher said in the recording, echoing debunked anti-vaccine talking points that went viral. A New York hospital announced in September that it would stop delivering babies because several employees quit instead of getting vaccinated, which led people to falsely claim online that unvaccinated parents wouldn't be permitted to bring home their newborns, USA Today reports.

The teacher was also recorded making unproven claims about President Biden's son, claiming Hunter Biden "was doing deals with China and Ukraine and all these places where he was funneling in money illegally." Hunter Biden has been under federal investigation, though he maintains his innocence.

More broadly, the history teacher warned of general government overreach.

School superintendent Roger Rice says that the teacher has been removed from that school (but remains a district employee) and "has expressed deep remorse." The district, he says, ""does not condone the non-instructionally-related discussion that occurred in the classroom."

image: Steve Cukrov/Shutterstock.com