Indiana town offering free grandparents to people who move there

From ABC News:

Greensburg, 50 miles (80.47 kilometers) southeast of Indianapolis, will offer the free babysitting service for the next six to 12 months as part of the program it's calling "Grandparents on Demand." Kids are also guaranteed to have a fill-in grandma and grandpa on Grandparents Day at school — a perk for those moving far away from family.

Just two weeks after the initiative launched, more than 1,000 applications have rolled in, said Evan Hock, co-founder of Indianapolis-based MakeMyMove, an online directory that connects remote workers with such offers around the country. Hock said the unique incentive has been a "big contributor" to the influx of interest, and considerations are now being made to scale-up the Greensburg program, depending on housing availability.

In addition to free grandparents, the Greensburg relocation package includes $5000 in cash, a one-year membership to the local YMCA and co-working space, free tickets to the local theatre, and some gift cards to the farmers market.

It's unclear if the free grandparents come with Royal Dansk cookie tins disappointingly filled with sewing supplies or occasionally antiquated views on gender and race.

Indiana city offers stand-in 'grandparents' to new residents [Casey Smith / ABC News]

Image: Public Domain via PixaBay