Here are the ludicrous highlights of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial

"The Kyle Rittenhouse trial was a total and complete shit show today," Brett Meiselas of MeidasTouch says (video below), before presenting us with some of the trial's unhinged — as well as unjust — highlights.

A couple of the slapstick moments include the Stan Laurel-style crocodile tears of bad "crisis actor" Kyle Rittenhouse, and a seemingly biased judge who was interrupted by his phone with a ringtone that happened to be "God Bless the USA" — a Trump rally standard.

Meiselas also points out the seemingly prejudice decisions of the judge, which includes not allowing the prosecution to use photos of Rittenhouse posing with the Proud Boys in a T-shirt that said "Free as fuck" as he made white supremacist hand signals.

"Let's be clear here," Meiselas wraps up. "This was a young man that was radicalized to violence and programmed to kill by right-wing media who dehumanized his political enemies and called for bloodshed. And the tragic part about it all: the right-wing media, politicians, and influencers hoist up Rittenhouse as a model citizen, as a hero, who all kids ["all" as in white/Republican] should emulate."