The Rittenhouse judge channels his inner-MAGA man more than once

Cut from the same cloth as rabid white MAGA men like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and the late Rush Limbaugh, Judge Bruce Schroeder of the Rittenhouse trial cannot contain his pent-up rage. In each video below, the 75-year-old judge is ill-tempered, rude and out of line. And he definitely has it in for the prosecutor.

From The Guardian:

Proceedings became highly charged on Wednesday. Rittenhouse sobbed on the stand, the defense requested a mistrial and the judge gestured and shouted angrily at the lead prosecutor, accusing him of asking questions of the defendant that were legally out of bounds.

During the prosecution's cross-examination on Wednesday, Schroeder stunned trial viewers as he reprimanded assistant district attorney Thomas Binger for questioning Rittenhouse's post-arrest silence, which Schroeder has disallowed.

"Don't get brazen with me," Schroeder told Binger at one point.

As the defense argued for a mistrial with prejudice over Binger's actions, Schroeder's phone suddenly rang to the ringtone of God Bless the USA.

Released in 1984 by Lee Greenwood, the song is popular in conservative circles and often played as Trump's entrance theme during his rallies.

This first video shows him auditioning for a host slot on AM radio:

Here's the good judge taking a break from the trial to conduct a Bible study session:

A confused and unhinged judge, Giuliani style: