Explore Pre-Black Friday deals on these innovative products from KeySmart

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Efficiency. That's what technological advancement is all about. Innovations that make our lives simpler, more comfortable, easier. Whether it's the angled plow, the wheel, or Velcro, technological innovations have always moved us forward, sometimes greatly and sometimes subtly.

This list of innovative products from KeySmart includes some simple, but very cool designs to keep you and your environment organized, clean, and safe. Plus, every item on this list is available at 15 percent off as part of a Pre-Black Friday sale when you use code SAVE15NOV at checkout. 

KeySmart Pro 10-Key Organizer with Tile Smart Location – $32.29 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $59

Say goodbye to that jumbled mess of keys stabbing your leg from inside your pocket. The KeySmart key organizer neatly stores up to 10 keys in one sleek package, plus the integrated Tile locator ensures you'll never lose them again. 

KeySmart Flex: 2 Pack – $8.07 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $20

This compact organizer neatly stores up to eight keys. This deal includes two ultra-durable polycarbonate sleeves to organize even the most clustered of keyrings.

CleanKey Antimicrobial Brass Hand Tool – $16.99 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $24 

CleanKey is a multi-function tool that helps to keep you from exposing yourself to harmful germs and bacteria. Use CleanKey to press buttons, open doors, and more and the 62% copper composition will kill or slow down any microbes that might hop on. 

CleanLight Air UV Air Purifier – $80.74 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $119 

This UV light air purifier is powerful enough to remove harmful particles from a room up to 160 sq. ft. while being small enough to fit in a cup holder. It also includes a USB port so it can charge your devices while keeping your air nice and clean. 

FogBlock AntiFog Solution for PPE Masks & Glasses – $11.04 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $14

Masks and glasses are not a great match — as soon as the mask comes on, the glasses fog up. FogBlock will keep your glasses clear of fog for up to 24 hours per application for crystal clear vision while wearing your mask. 

KeySmart Nano Torch Twist LED Flashlight – $42.49 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $59 

This small but powerful flashlight has five brightness modes and can swivel from 0 to 90° giving it a broad range of applications. The butt of the light has a magnet that can be fixed to just about anything so you can work without holding the light in one hand. 

KeySmart Original Compact Key Holder – $13.59 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $21 

The original that started it all: a compact key holder from KeySmart. This sleek package organizes up to eight keys and saves room on your keychain and in your pocket. 

KeySmart Pro 14 Key Organizer with Tile Smart Location – $36.54 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $59

This key sleeve could organize even a janitor's keyring. Store up to 14 keys in one compact package with Tile Smart Location integrated. 

KeySmart Tactiv Bolt Action Waterproof Pen – $33.99 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $56 

This is a pen for an all-terrain lifestyle. Fully waterproof and can write in any direction and any condition when used with Write-In-The-Rain notepads, the pen writes and feels great and has a neat bolt action mechanism to engage the nib. 

KeySmart Rugged Compact Key Holder – $21.24 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $34

Trade-in your mess of keys for a bit of utility. The KeySmart Rugged features thick aircraft-grade aluminum plated housing up to 14 keys with a bottle opener and pocket clip so your keys are always within reach. 

KeySmart Clean Tray Charge – $76.49 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $119 

The Clean Tray Charge is a device that sterilizes your phone while charging it. The Clean Tray utilizes a  270nm UV light which is capable of killing 99.99% of germs on your phone, wallet, or keys. 

KeySmart TaskPad Wireless Charging DeskPad – $84.99 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $119

Upgrade your home or office with this wireless charging desk pad. The pad features a soft cushion to rest your arm, a modern black finish, and a 10W wireless charger that will charge your device quickly. 

Recover ID Lost & Found Recovery Tag – $8.49 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $9

Recovery ID is a safe any anonymous way to recover lost items. The steel tag can be linked to the owner then used by the finder to contact and return the item without printing private information all over the item. 

CleanLight Air XL UV Air Purifier – $246.49 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $319 

This is the most compact UV air purifier rated for medium to large rooms. Capable of eliminating 99.99 percent of harmful particles in a room up to 550 sq. ft., the CleanLight is perfect for the home or office. 

CleanLight UV Sanitizing Water Bottle – $67.99 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $109 

This double-walled, stainless steel water bottle keeps 500mL of water warm or cool all day. The real magic, however, is the internal UV light which eliminates 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria making virtually all water safe to drink. 

Safetul: 3-in-1 Copper Alloy Multi Tool – $21.24 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $29 

Stop touching contaminated surfaces. This antimicrobial copper alloy multi-tool combines opens bottles, doors, presses buttons, and works as a stylus. 

Badge Holder Wallet – $16.96 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $24 

This convenient wallet holds up to seven cards, including a front-facing ID or badge. Use the metal back clip to attach the lanyard for easy display, clip it to your pocket, or as a money clip. 

CleanLight Snooze: 4-in-1 Air Purifier, Diffuser, Sound Machine, and Night Light – $97.74 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $114 

Give your body the rest it needs with this 4-in-1 dream machine. The purifier keeps your air fresh and clean, the diffuser sponge fills the air with essential oils, the noise machine has five peaceful sounds that drown out background noise, and the soothing night light allows you to see your surroundings without keeping you up. 

KeySmart Max: The Most Advanced Key Holder Ever – $76.49 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $119

This 14 key sleeve features a smart Tile locator with a range of up to 150ft. An LED light on the end offers enough light to be able to find any keyhole that might be hiding in the dark, and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 60 days. 

ViralOff Packable Face Mask – $18.66 with code SAVE15NOV; originally $29 

This self-cleaning packable face mask uses silver chloride to eliminate 99% of germs in as little as two hours. Not only is it antimicrobial, but its athletic airflow makes it super comfortable to wear. 

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