Fake game cheating app trolls cheats and posts their comical comeuppances online

Annoyed with all the cheating going on in Counterstrike, ScriptKid made a fake cheating app. It looks like the real thing, but if you download it and run it, it won't help you win. It will punish you for the amusement of others.

When a real cheater tries to use it, it backfires on them. It punishes them in game by making them do stuff like dropping their weapons in certain situations, or even shooting their own teammates—and much much more. And the best part is it sends me a POV replay of the cheaters match, so we can watch it happen to them.

The punishments are surprisingly ingenious. For example, one level has a hole blown in a wall, which serves as a doorway players often pass through, but you can't go through it if you're running the cheat software. Yet they keep trying! The cherry on top is ScriptKid's total joy in narrating it all.