Jen Psaki is back from Covid and as feisty as ever

Twelve days after testing positive for a breakthrough case of Covid-19, Press Secretary Jen Psaki is back, along with a fresh stockpile of TNT.

When asked by a reporter about the Build Back Better Act, and how it might add to inflationary pressure, Psaki shot straight to the point.

First she explained that the Act will actually improve productivity and ease inflation in the US, because it will already be paid for by corporations, the wealthiest Americans, with higher taxes (this part is not in the clip below, but can be found here, starting 23:47).

And then, unprovoked, she drops one of her famous Psaki bombs, not on the question that was asked, which is usually the target, but rather on the disingenuous Republicans who don't just come out and say why they are really against the package.

"You don't have to be some kind of sleuth here to understand why some Republicans are speaking out against this package," she says bluntly (below).

"Is it because they're opposed to lowering childcare costs? Is it because they're opposed to making sure that preschools are available for families? Is because they're opposed to lowering health care costs? No! It's because they don't want to raise taxes on corporations. We all know that."

So there you have it. Next question.