Discover your dog's allergies for $65 with this Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster

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What would we do without our dogs? They're practically part of the family, but if you have a dog that suffers from food or environmental allergies, finding out what triggers their sensitivity can be a long and costly process. Most of the time, you'll need to make several expensive trips to the vet, give poor Fido different rounds of medication, and buy a ton of expensive shampoos and sprays. For some allergies, there's also the daunting task of weeding out certain foods and treats which can take several months. 

And your dog will feel miserable during the entire process. If your pupper suffers from allergies and you want to get to the bottom of it fast, without wiping out your savings account, this allergy test kit from At My Pet is a viable option, and it's $64.99 with this Pre-Black Friday doorbuster deal. 

Allergy Test My Pet was developed from the ground up to measure about 100 of the most common allergens that your pet may be reacting to. By measuring the proteins found in your dog's sample, this test can report for more than 100 items that your dog might be allergic to. The process is simple: After you order your test kit all you have to do is collect a salvia sample from your dog following the easy-to-read directions and send your sample in.

You'll receive the results in a few short weeks. Included will be a custom analysis of around 100 food and environmental items that your pet may have sensitivities to. The results also provide a complete list of foods and household products you should avoid, including laundry and cleaning products, tobacco, and more.

One pleased dog owner had this to say about the kit they received, "Lincoln was used as a test dog for the Allergy Test. We didn't think he was allergic to anything. Turns out he reacts to yogurt and other dairy products. So good to know!" 

The Allergy Test My Pet Kit is recommended for dogs over the age of 1. If your dog is already taking allergy medications, it's advised that they be off of them for 1-2 weeks before taking the test, as it can affect the results. 

Normally $99, the Allergy Test My Pet Kit is $64.99 as a part of our Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster Sale.

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