Musk tanks TSLA 10% to pay his taxes, then pauses to malign a US Senator

Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk has been happy to have the government help fund his companies, however, he appears quite disagreeable when expected to pay taxes.

Having found a way to have his shareholders foot the bill, and their stock trading around $150 per share lower than before his scheduled Rule 10b5-1 personal sale, Musk took some time to attack US Senator Bernie Sanders for expecting rich people to pay taxes too.

Senator Sanders is a well known champion of economic equality. Musk has turned family money into the world's largest financial empire, ritually insults everyone from other billionaires to guys just trying to help trapped divers, and has a Shiba Inu.

Particularly interesting is the farce around "Who wants me to sell stock?" Tax planning around options held publicly doesn't cease to be tax planning and wealth protection when asking people's opinions on Twitter.

Yes, I think Bernie wants Musk to sell all the stock he needs to sell to pay his taxes. While not solely directed at Musk, that was his point. Pay your fucking taxes.