This heavy bike lock is very heavy

I have been using this ABUS Granit Extreme Plus as the lock for my e-bike. It is more convenient than the D-Lock I was using, and maybe more secure. It is much heavier. I know this as I wear it like a bandolier when riding the bike.

I know you will all show me videos of this being taken apart with an angle grinder, or picked. However, the LPL uses a similar chain by Kryptonite. I originally bought it just to bolt my BMW R90S to a shackle in my driveway, but a tree has temporarily gotten in the way of that.

I find the chain easier to get through both my wheels, the frame and a bike rack/thing to lock to that won't be easily cut or removed. The D-Lock can be fidget-y and requires a cable to get both wheels.

ABUS Granit Extreme Plus 59 Chain Lock (12mm X 140cm) via Amazon