Watch: Karen doesn't like comedian's jokes so she gets right on stage to tell him so

In a scene so preposterous one might mistake it as part of the comedy routine, a woman in Jacksonville, Florida hopped up on stage at The Comedy Zone to tell comedian Affion Crockett that his sex jokes offended her.

"Ma'am, it's a goddamn comedy show … What's the problem, what's the problem?" Crocket said as another woman on stage was trying to talk Karen down.

"I am a woman… " she begins.

"We know you're a woman, we can tell," Crockett says.

"… and I'm married to a man. But you've offended a lot of people here tonight!" she said, which earned her some booing from the audience.

"How? How am I insulting people by talking about sexual matters between adults? I'm talking about consenting adults here," he says.

After some back and forth, security finally helps escort her back into the audience, where people boo, laugh, and call her Karen. Why this sensitive soul even ventures out to comedy shows in the first place remains a mystery.