Court orders apartment for sale to be livestreamed to prove it isn't haunted

A court in Jiangsu Province, China planned to auction off an apartment that was foreclosed upon but before the bidding was to begin, they ordered a 24 hour livestream of the interior to convince potential buyers that the place wasn't haunted. Apparently there was some public concern because the prior owner had committed suicide in the apartment. They hired a person to "live" in the apartment during that time and reportedly 40,000 people tuned in to help with the ghostbusting. From SHINE:

The property went under the hammer on November 10, with a starting price of 1.2 million (US$187,319), two-thirds of the market price.

Though intrigued by what had happened in the apartment, none of the participants placed a bid. It will be auctioned again at a later date.

image (cropped): 80's Child/