Jamal and Wanda's unlikely Thanksgiving tradition continues

Six years ago, Wanda Dench accidentally sent a text inviting 17-year-old Jamal Hinton to Thanksgiving dinner. In a series of now-iconic texts, Jamal told Wanda that she wasn't actually his grandma but that he'd still like to eat, and she agreed to have him over, responding "that's what grandmas do… feed everyone!"

Wanda and Jamal, who live about an hour away from each other in Arizona, have shared Thanksgiving for five years in a row. In addition, Jamal and his girlfriend Mikaela have joined Wanda and her late husband Lonnie for double dates. Lonnie died in April 2020 of covid, but Wanda and Jamal still celebrated the holiday together.

The unlikely friendship has delighted social media for years and turned a serendipitous encounter into a massive feel-good news story. This year, the tradition continues.

"We are all set for year 6!" Hinton posted Sunday on Twitter.