Brazen gentleman caught stealing dozens of catalytic converters – 6th time in one month

A 55-year-old gentleman was arrested in Omaha, Nebraska for stealing catalytic converters — the 6th time in just one month for the same crime.

The emboldened thief, Brian Sears, drove a bright blue truck into a car dealership in broad daylight, according to KETV, made a shopping list, and sawed off more than a dozen catalytic converters from the lot's vehicles. He was caught on video, but the owner was not aware of the theft or the footage until Sears was arrested later in the day, across the street, at a "bus barn" with 14–15 catalytic converters he had just cut off from buses there.

From KETV:

They [police] said it's his sixth arrest for a crime like this since Oct. 13 between Nebraska and Iowa.
He'll have to pay $12,500 bond to get out of Douglas County Corrections. OPD said that's a much higher bond than normal.

"How does a guy get bonded out, and then back out in the street cutting more off? Just in and out in and out. It doesn't make any sense, you know who he is you know what he's done," Fett said of the multiple arrests.

Fett's also frustrated at the loss. He said those converters can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 to replace.

"That's 30 catalytic converters (allegedly stolen Sunday between his dealership and STA) and that's an afternoon. It was broad daylight. Broad daylight! That's so brazen," [Jason] Fett [car lot owner] said.

Omaha police want state lawmakers to pass legislation to fight catalytic converter thefts.

It would be nice to say his shopping spree came to an end when police arrested him, but with his track record he'll be out with a saw in no time.