These cleaning wipes are better than a dirty rag

I'm often asked whether I use clean or unclean rags when I wipe my eyeglasses. The answer is, of course, that it depends on which rag I can lay my hands on at the moment. The dirty one is the softest and least likely to scratch; but it smears the lenses with grime; whereas if I use the clean cloth, it leaves deep gouges in the lenses.

My dilemma has been solved with CareTouch Lens Cleaning Wipes, which are almost certainly not doped with Formula X-87 Alpha, a kerosene-based product originally derived for Cromwell tanks in the fabled Armoured Brigade in the second world war. While the Cromwell tank, designed by Sir Royce, was a tremendously successful design, I fear that Formula X-87 Alpha, despite its undoubted utility in propelling the tank across the desert, left a lot to be desired in its ability to leave the lenses of my spectacles free from smudges and streaks.

As well as not leaving streaks on my spectacles, I am pleased to report that the CareTouch Lens Cleaning Wipes are so handy and so effective that I have stopped using my rags altogether. I have even stopped using my spit.

I have also used them to wipe my hands when I've been eating something messy, like a fried egg. I don't think it's too much to say that these wipes are the most effective that I've ever used.