WSJ: Activision CEO Bobby Kotick knew about sexual assault allegations and told an employee he would have her killed

The CEO of Activision knew about sexual misconduct allegations as serious as rape and failed to tell the company's board, reports the WSJ. Moreover, Bobby Kotick—paid $154 million last year as one of the highest-paid executives in the U.S.—also threatened to have a woman at the company killed. Earlier this year, California sued the game publisher, claiming that its "frat boy culture" was a "breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women."

Activision Blizzard shares closed down more than 6% Tuesday after a report from The Wall Street Journal alleged CEO Bobby Kotick knew about sexual misconduct allegations at the videogame company. According to the report, Kotick failed to inform the board of directors about the allegations on many occasions, including an alleged rape, the Journal reported.

Kotick's annual compensation package is more than 7 times the annual budget of state agency suing him. If ever there was someone who would ignore it all with a laugh and a sneer, it would surely be this guy.

Activision cannot easily rid itself of him: his contract stipulates up to $300m in goodbye payments.