After successfully delivering dinner a Doordash driver paused to defecate in this building's lobby

So much is unknown about this story of food delivery and an apparently urgent need to relieve one's self.

In Brentwood, a Los Angeles food delivery person left more than just dinner. They evidently did enough of a job that a hazmat team was called in.


Residents of a Brentwood apartment building are outraged after a DoorDash driver was captured on video using the building's lobby as a toilet.

"I checked the tape. Well, I can't ever unsee what I saw in that tape," said building manager and K-EARTH radio personality Lisa Stanley. "I was beyond traumatized. I was stunned. I was everything you can ever imagine."

Also, it is absolutely notable that Doordash does appear to have gotten the delivery right, before their representative crapped all over the lobby.