Roadrunner stowed away on a moving van from Las Vegas to Maine

In Westbrook, Maine on Saturday, a fellow and his son were unloading their moving van after arrival from Las Vegas when he spotted a roadrunner that had stowed away inside. The Avian Haven animal hospital in Freedom Maine was called in to capture the bird. Wile E. Coyote was nowhere to be seen. From Avian Haven's Facebook post:

The roadrunner was in remarkably good shape for having been confined in the van for four days, leading us to wonder if perhaps some food items had also stowed away. Our first priority yesterday afternoon was stabilization and provisioning. The bird was eating well by the end of the day, and this morning, was moved to temporary headquarters in the Pool Hall. We'd already drained one of the pools yesterday evening in preparation for creating a habitat that was roomier than we could provide in the main building, but warmer than any of our regular outdoor habitats (the Pool Hall is heated in the colder months of the year)[…]

Our Rehabilitation Manager, Chelsey Gundlach, has experience with roadrunners from her previous job at a rehab center in Oklahoma, so we have firsthand knowledge as to how to care for the bird. Of course we are exploring options for returning the roadrunner to Las Vegas!

Beep beep!

image: "Greater roadrunner walking in the Mojave desert, California" by Jessie Eastland (CC BY-SA 4.0)