A Karen goes from crotchety to furious when her targets don't fight back

Two chill guys were cooking up freshly-caught, mouth-watering lobster, making a meal of lobster rolls, when an elderly Karen ordered them to get off the property — a large empty parking lot with guest parking spots. The men didn't argue, calmly agreeing to pack up. This prompted her to threaten them.

"You have one minute to get out of here, or I'm calling the sheriff."

"Okay, sounds good," one of them said. The longer they remained cool and polite, the more infuriated she became, until she shrieked, "Pack it up!!"

She first claimed she was on the board of the property, then suddenly she was the owner, only to back-pedal when pressed, becoming a board member once again.

Even though they were packing up, which included making their sandwiches to-go so that they could enjoy them elsewhere, the Karen still called the cops on them. And as a parting shot, she illegally reached into their truck and tossed their freshly made food onto the pavement.

Fortunately they were able to salvage some of it and enjoyed a few tasty bites before leaving the premises, passing the police on their way out.

(Originally posted on Reddit /r/PublicFreakout)