I tried the "yassify" trend

Using the face-editing app FaceApp, social media users are heavily editing iconic photos, turning familiar figures into smooth-skinned, volumtuous haired, glamorous versions of themselves. The whole thing has an uncanny valley feel that I find hilarious. The "yassify" trend might be a meaningless blip in internet culture, but it has amused me over the past few days and it's fueled a surprising number of press and media pieces.

Most of the heavy lifting on Twitter this past weekend was done by @YassifyBot, an increasingly popular account that is not actually a bot, as the name suggests, but rather the work of 22-year-old Denver Adams, an art student in Nebraska.

Buzzfeed News

I tried it out myself using the free trial of FaceApp and I was shocked by how quicky the app turned a normal pictures into a plastic-looking "yassified" person. Sorry Mark!