Get early Black Friday savings on this handy cannabis storage system

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Figuring out what to gift everyone in your family can be tricky, to say the least. But when it comes to that cousin or coworker who loves to chill with a little green, a handy, state-of-the-art storage system would be something they could get a lot of use out of.

If an old pill bottle or baggy system is what's holding your latest stash, there's a way better storage system out there, like this one, by Stori. Not only does this keep your green products safe, but it also preserves their quality, allowing you to keep everything organized and easy to access.

Named #2 Product of the Day, #2 Product of the Week, and #5 Product of the Month on Product Hunt, the highly-rated Stori Cannabis Storage System gives weed-users a convenient, organized way to keep their product in excellent condition, consisting of a series of containers that are great for keeping at home or using on the go.

With the complete storage system, you'll get one area that holds the included six pods and six tubes, along with plenty of room for essential accessories, like rolling papers, lighters, and vapes. And each of these little doo-dads can hold plenty of marijuana — a single pod can safely hold up to seven grams of cannabis. And since each container includes airtight, humidity-resistant lids, the weed inside always stays fresh, never losing its essence or taste. They're even child and pet-proof.

The Stori storage system also comes with an accompanying app, allowing you to use an advanced color system to keep inventory of all of your different types of green when you got it, and more. The app also gives you great recommendations on strains you may enjoy based on what you like, as well as a complete list of strains and reviews from other Stori users.

Great for keeping your marijuana products in order as well as concealing it from those around you, including kids or a nosy boss, the Stori Cannabis Storage System makes for a great gift for any marijuana enthusiast, even if it's yourself.

Save ahead of Black Friday by getting the Stori Cannabis Storage System at 15% off, making it just $152 bucks.

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