"Ursonite" is a fascinating spoken poem of primordial sounds by Kurt Schwitters

Ursonate is an experimental poem by Kurt Schwitters from 1932. Schwitters was a German artist who worked in a variety of areas including surrealism, sound art, poetry, and Dadaism. Ursonate, a "sonata in primordial sounds" took Scwitters 10 years to create and has been regarded by some as the best poem of the 20th century. Every time I hear this poem I get lost inside its mesmerizing strangeness.

From the YouTube description:

Schwitters composed and performed an early example of sound poetry, Ursonate (1922–1932; a translation of the title is Original Sonata or Primeval Sonata). The poem was influenced by Raoul Hausmann's poem "fmsbw" which Schwitters heard recited by Hausmann in Prague, 1921. 

Schwitters first performed the piece on 14 February 1925 at the home of Irmgard Kiepenheuer in Potsdam. He subsequently performed it regularly, both developing and extending it. He published his notations for the recital in the last Merz periodical in 1932, although he would continue to develop the piece for at least the next ten years.