Check out the photogenetic art of Ida Applebroog

This video dives into the work of Ida Applebroog, a multimedia artist who makes sculptures, drawings, and paintings. Her work explores topics such as politics, violence and power, and sexuality. One thing that strongly attracts me to her work is how imaginative and unique her characters are. I love her amazing series of photographs featuring sculptures she made, called "photogenetics". You can check it out here on her website. The creatures in these photos have a haunting quality to them that I can't get enough of.  

From the YouTube description: 

This program features the work of Ida Applebroog at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York City. Applebroog paints stark images of everyday people engaged in the ordinary and often painful and trying business of survival in the ''90s. She uses generic images, multiple canvases and unusual techniques to create unique and powerfully haunting work.