Replace candles with Pre-Black Friday savings on a KooPower LED realistic candle set

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We all love the way lighting a candle can instantly set a mood or elevate home decor, but what you don't want are the consequences that come with burning a candle. In today's day and age of technology and eco-friendly living, everything is about working smarter, not harder, and the KooPower LED 3 candle set is a smart and safe choice.

The KooPower LED set comes with 3 different sizes of electric candles that are powered on and off with a remote control and a smart timer that can keep them on for 2 to 8 hours long. Having an LED-lit flame prevents any fire risks or harmful chemicals from being dispersed into your home, providing a safe space for your family. The remote control can also change lighting modes and set lighting timers so you can personalize and orchestrate the mood to your taste. 

You won't have to sacrifice the candle aesthetic, either — the KooPower candles are made from real wax and use a black fake wick to stimulate a similar effect to that of a real candle flame – making it look and feel as realistic as possible. A great relief is that you can feel comfortable about having the candles around kids, pets, or elders, avoiding any burn-related accidents. Not only useful for home decor, but you can also use them for birthdays, holidays, parties, weddings, and as the perfect housewarming gift. Check them out in action:

Another big perk is that they're reusable, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective option so you won't burn through your money buying a new candle each month. Additionally, with an early Black Friday special, you can now get the KooPower LED 3 candle set for only $24.99, originally $29 — the ultimate candle trifecta.