These people get paid to perform for pets

In this video, we learn about Krõõt Jurak and Alex Bailey, The Pet Performers Who Get Paid to Act Like Animals. These two performance artists got tired of performing for humans, and decided to direct their attention towards animals instead. They say that people don't have a lot of spare time to watch performance art, but animals have all the free time in the world. You may watch this and think "what on god's green earth has the world of performance art come to?" but the animals seem to love Jurak and Bailey, so I'd say that it's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

From the YouTube description:

Krõõt Jurak and Alex Bailey are on a mission to introduce the animal world to performance art. The pair stages unique shows across Europe for any pet owner who's willing to have them, where they roll along the floor, wiggle their limbs, and get to know dozens of cats and dogs in the process.