Tidy up your beard with an early Black Friday discount on a beard straightener

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The worst part of taking care of a beard is the need for so many products and devices. Beard oils and creams promise to keep manes soft and smooth. However, a lot of product is needed to soften the curliest of manes. The result? Underwhelming experiences and results.

The key to shaping a beard is heat. However, temperature is incredibly important since not all beards are made equally. If you've ever turned to a hair straightener to smooth out your beard like Pai Mei from Kill Bill, you've probably pleaded with the device to not burn you. Typical hair straighteners weren't designed for beards, and they can do more damage than good.

If your bathroom drawer doesn't contain a professional-grade, portable hair straightener designed for all textures, it's time to upgrade your utility belt. That's where this Liberex Pro beard and hair straightener can help, and it's 30% off before Black Friday.

With its advanced PTC + NTC + MCU temperature and control technology, this straightener is a beard changer. The device heats up very quickly and evenly distributes heat through your beard. The brush design protects your skin heat and the non-slip handle stays cool. If you look like Santa Claus, you'll need the 360-degree swivel cord. It prevents tangling from any angle so you can comb through your mane without interruption.

Three temperature modes give you the power to decide if you want to slightly smoothen your beard or live out your Kill Bill fantasies by transforming a thick mane into smooth, silky locks. If the hair on your head needs love too, you can use the Liberex Pro for great results. Traveling? Weighing less than a pound, this straightener can be taken on the go, and it fits snuggly into your suitcase.

For our Pre-Black Friday sale, get 30% off the Liberex Pro Beard & Hair Straightener. If you or your partner has an ugly mane, this makes a great holiday gift. While you're at it, record a video and post it to YouTube! It's time for frizzy, unkept beards to be a thing of the past. 

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