Songs Forevermore: Marnie Weber's incredible new exhbit at ODD ARK•LA

The Day of Forevermore (Trailer)

If you're in LA, be sure to check out artist Marnie Weber's incredible new exhibit at ODD ARK•LA. The exhibit will be open until December 4th, and features 250 unique hand painted/collaged album covers for the soundtrack to her feature film, The Day Of Forevermore. Each and ever album cover is spectacular. I'm blown away by all of the wondrous creatures in her work. Weber's visionary artwork is a must-see.


ODD ARK • LA is pleased to present a very special project by artist Marnie Weber, Songs Forevermore — an installation and record release exhibition of 250 hand-collaged and painted unique LP cover's for the vinyl album soundtrack of  Weber's visionary feature film The Day of Forevermore. On view from Nov 13 – Dec 4, 2021. A socially-distanced opening reception for the artist will be held on Saturday, November 13th, from 3-6pm.

 For each album cover, Weber has sourced from a wealth of imagery from the artists' own oeuvre. Recurring characters from the bizarre, humorous and dreamy weave together various narratives from Weber's films, performance and collaged work– all combined with painterly processes of beautiful iridescent Decalcomania and sprayed and splattered paint. The albums will be presented on floor to ceiling shelves as a colorful densely arranged grid that will allow for unexpected and exciting combinations of imagery and loose visual narrative. 

For the occasion, Weber's film The Day of  Forevermore will be available online for free viewing from October 22 to December 4, 2021 through Vimeo, or the artist's webpage at Day of Forevermore, is a modern fairy tale, a daughter (Colette Weber Shaw) struggles to find freedom from her imposing mother, an elderly demented witch (Marnie Weber), on the mysterious farm of Forevermore Acres. The farm is a rundown junk strewn ranch full of aged witches and misfit monsters filmed at the legendary Los Angeles Zorthian Ranch. The mother's plans to indoctrinate her daughter into her coven of darkness are interrupted by three curious teens that wander onto the farm. The daughter, yearning for a life beyond the farm, is a compassionate and innocent soul but may have a bit of the devil in her when called upon to take power.