Which of these statues of a T-Rex eating garden gnomes is better?

This 6"x10"x14" statue of a Tyrannosaurus Rex eating garden gnomes from SOWSUN is truly the perfect garden decor. Just look at these details!

The description is pretty wonderful, too:

The garden gnomes statue can be positioned indoors or outdoors depending on where you see fit and enhance vibrant atmosphere. Dinosaur Eating Gnomes Garden Art Outdoor is sure to be the centerpiece of your garden this year and a joy for your friends to find hiding in your Annuals and Perennials.

Of course, this is hardly the only statue of a T-Rex devouring garden gnomes that's available on the Internet. But the company behind this particular model insists that, "Anyone else besides Patiosolver Store may be violating our intellectual property rights and offering you a counterfeit product."

For example, this one from Himaweek has a dinosaur facing backwards. That's how you know it's not legit:

And while this one from M.A.K. Store is available in several different sizes, the design is, erm, clearly lacking in comparison to the original — even though it is curiously listed as "Amazon's Choice!"

A company called OUQMVQ makes another knock-off that, while looking slightly more like a velociraptor than T-Rex, also offers more customizable setup options:

If you prefer something a bit more cutesy, Garden Gnomes Galore sells a more child-friendly version of the garden gnome massacre:

So yes, there are plenty of options available on the free market for those of you who are craving competition for your T-Rex-eating-lawn-gnomes decór. Even though some of them may allegedly violate someone's intellectual property rights! Though I'm not exactly sure how one trademarks the imagery of a dead bird-lizard eating a fantastical humanoid creature.