Kyle Rittenhouse battles Lin Wood for $2 million bail money

Immediately after Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty for killing two unarmed men with an assault rifle, another battle ensued — this time over his $2 million bail money. Rittenhouse (with defense attorney Mark Richards) filed to have the teen receive the money, according to Daily Beast, but pro-Trump attorney and Qanon conspiracist Lin Wood says it rightfully belongs to him.

A big part of the bail money had been raised with the help of the nonprofit FightBack Foundation, which Wood started. But Rittenhouse says he was "taken advantage of" by Wood — along with former defense attorney John Pierce. And Richards said the two attorneys were "trying to whore this kid out for money to their own causes."

From Daily Beast:

In his first post-verdict interview with Fox News' Tucker Carlson that aired Monday night, Rittenhouse tore into both Wood and another former Rittenhouse attorney, John Pierce, claiming he was "taken advantage of" by both men.

According to Rittenhouse, Pierce convinced him that it was "not a good idea" to go home immediately and told the teenager that he'd be "safer in jail" than with his family. Additionally, he said both Wood and Pierce were merely "trying to raise money so they could take it for their own benefit" rather than set him free.

The 18-year-old also asserted that he could have been freed on bond as early as mid-September but his then-lawyers purposely wanted to keep him locked up until Nov. 20 in order to keep bringing in money from donors. …

Wood responded to the claims made on Carlson's Monday primetime show by telling The Daily Beast that "somebody has fed Kyle misinformation, for whatever reason."

And thus, the Rittenhouse Shit Show Act II now begins.