Watch: Florida man hooks a shark which a bald eagle promptly swipes from him

In Dunedin, Florida, Chad Rissman and his uncle Darrin Vick spent the day fishing but had no luck. Finally at dusk, a tiny shark took the bait. But just as Vick began to reel in his catch, a beautiful bald eagle swooped down and snatched the shark.

"It's just like brushing the greatness of the country all into one picture and one experience," Vick told local news.

Uh-huh. Anyway, from Fox13:

[Clearwater Audubon Society's Kim] Begay knows that eagle as Eugene, first rescued in Bradenton in 2017, after fracturing her leg.

"The first time she broke her leg she was in rehab for about eight months and she was in rehab at a very critical time when she would be learning how to hunt and following her parents' hunt," Begay explained.

Eugene appears to now be looking for easy meals[…]

"If you hook a bird by accident, or the bird has line wrapped around them, don't cut the line leaving the bird with long amounts of line trailing. You have to reel, remove, and release," she said.