In interview, Rittenhouse disavows QAnon and says Lin Wood is insane

QAnon, also known as "mainstream Republicans," has elevated Kyle Rittenhouse to the level of a Holy Knight for the Cause. So when the chubby-cheeked killer told a television interviewer that he didn't believe in QAnoners and that Lin Wood was "insane," it must've thrown the QNuts for a loop.

They quickly recovered, though, and spun the moment into their tangled mythology. The Rittenhouse on TV, you see, isn't the the real Christian Defender of the Coming Kingdom of God on Earth. He, or rather "it," is a robot that resembles and talks like Rittenhouse. RoboRittenhouse is a false-flag operation being used by reptilian adrenochrome-drinkers to to make QAnon look silly. But all will be exposed soon. Trust the Plan.