Afghan "girl with the green eyes" has escaped the Taliban and now lives in Italy

You might not recognize the name Sharbat Gula, but odds are that you recognize her face. She gained international attention in 1985 after gracing the cover of National Geographic in 1985, and her portrait has been compared to the Mona Lisa.

She has made recent headlines for evacuating the Taliban rule. According to Italy's office of the prime minister, Mario Draghi, she has found refuge in Italy.

Gula has experienced more than her share of geopolitical instability. As a girl, Soviet helicopters bombed her village and killed her parents, leading her to move to a refugee camp in Pakistan where her iconic photograph was taken.

U.S. photographer Steve McCurry took the picture of Gula when she was a youngster, living in a refugee camp on the Pakistan-Afghan border.

Her startling green eyes, peering out from a headscarf with a mixture of ferocity and pain, made her know internationally but her identity was only discovered in 2002 when McCurry returned to the region and tracked her down.